Received 1 right answer: Ewoud 't Jong, Putten, the Netherlands ... CONGRATULATIONS !!
Problem 1
March 2001

white: Kg3,Bc8,Ne5,h5 black: Kf1,a2
White wins, white to begin
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1. Ba6+; Ke1
after 1. ..;Kg1 follows 2.Nf3+;Kh1 3.Lf1;a1Q 4.Bg2#
2. Nf3+; Kd1
3. Nd4!; Kd2 after 3. ..;a1Q follows 4.Be2+;Ke1 5.Nc2+ or 4. ..;Kc1 of Kd2; 5.Nb3+
4. Nb3+; Kc3
5. Bc8!; Kb3x
or 5.Na1; Kb2 6.Bc4
6. Be6+ and black looses his pawn.

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